HCG provides you with a diet that will help your body to develop and become healthier each day. You can the HCG food list your daily meals once you begin to use it. Since its invention, it has gone through a set of changes to benefit the user. The HCG food list is dependent on the meal that you take as discussed below.

Breakfast – a cup of coffee or tea that is free of sugar. In a span of 24 hours, you may take a tablespoonful of milk powder.

Lunch – 100 grams of any of the following: shrimp, crab, beef, white fish (fresh), veal and chicken breast. In the case of meat, you should take the measurements when it is raw. Also, you should either grill or boil it without adding cooking fat or oils. You are advised to prepare your meal so that you remove all observable fats from the food.  In this case, herring, salmon, pickled or dry fish should not be part of the diet. If you choose on chicken breast, you must remove it from the bird.

Additionally, you should take vegetables for your meal. You are restricted to some vegetables. Hence, the list demands that you select a single type of vegetable from the following few- chard, celery, onions, chicory, spinach, beet-greens, cucumbers, green salad, cabbage and asparagus.

You should take a single Melba toast or a breadstick also known as grissini.

To finalize your lunch, you are advised to take a fruit. You should take any of the following- an orange or apple. One-half of a grapefruit or strawberries (handful) are also part of your choice.

Your dinner should match with your lunch. However, you are free to vary the foods. For example, if you took chicken breast, spinach, Melba toast and strawberries for lunch, you can consider taking beef, cabbage, breadstick and an apple for dinner. What counts is that you select a food sample from each of the groups.

The HCG food list allows you to take juice made from a single lemon fruit each day for any purpose that may inter you. You are allowed to use food additives such as salt, vinegar, pepper, garlic, mustard powder, parsley, thyme and sweet basil among others to season your food. However, you are forbidden from using oil, butter and any type of dressing.

Once you decide to rely on the food list, it is expected that you will be taking around two liters of the following drinks each day- coffee, tea, plain water and mineral water. Beyond these, no fluids are allowed. Also, you can drink them in any quantities at whatever timing.

You can only eat four items for your lunch and dinner. However, breadstick and the fruit can be eaten between meals. When using the food list, you are forbidden from using cosmetics and medicines without prescription. Your makeup kit should strictly consist of lipstick, powder and eyebrow-pencil. There is nothing else that has been left out!